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P R I C E (felt boots and felt clothes) since 14.09.2020 .


price, RUR (In microporous sole)

price, RUR (white color, grey color and colors)

FELT BOOTS С № 13-1920001800
№ 20-2221001900
№ 23-2423002100
№ 25-2624002200
№ 27-2824502250
№ 29-3026002400
№ 31-3227502550
№ 33-3428502650
felt boots Tzigane34503300
Chyosanki soles № 34-473300-
Chyosanki soles (embroidery)since 5000
Chyosanki soles (color)since 3750
felt boots with handmade embroidery № 13-222950since 2800
felt boots with handmade embroidery № 23-344150since 4000
handmade of complex drawing (on felt boots and other things)negotiable price
Felt boots souvenir300
felt light shoes with border №13-22900
felt light shoes with border №23-341500
light shoes high with border № 23-341600
Slippers felt (colored) с №13-22900
Slippers felt (colored) с №23-341650
Slippers (supports) without embroidery1400
Slippers (supports) with embroidery1750
Slippers (supports) without embroidery on the sole1600
Slippers (supports) with embroidery on the sole1960
repair of light shoes600
felt light shoes1100
felt shoes.1100
felt mittens.900
furry gantlet.1000
felt hat.950
felt inner sole200
felt (1kg).1200
scratching of wool (1kg)500
>pagination of felt boots (adult/child)500/300
galoshes №14-21300
galoshes №22-32400
Slippers felted with fur trim with №23-34 with hand embroidery.2300
felt boots (with photoprint), №13-22+500р
felt boots (with photoprint), №23-34+1000р
Slippers hems without embroidery1600
Slippers hems embroidered1950
Slippers hems without embroidery on the bottom1800
Slippers hems embroidered on the bottom2150
Children chesanki 2500
Children chesanki with embroidery3350
>Children slippers with embroidery1300
Felt vest2500
Children's slippers without embroidery №13-221000
Children's slippers with embroidery №13-221350
Cat house2400
Boots for children from №29 to №34 on a snake2650
Boots for children from №29 to №34 on a snake, lace and with embroidery2800
Boots for adults from №35 to №46 on a snakе3300
Boots for adults from №35 to №46 on lacing3600
Boots adult from №35 to №46 on lacing and with embroidery3650
Boots with natural fur and a brooch 3750
Adult boots from No. 35-46 with embroidery3750
Rubber boots for adults600
Children rubber boots400
Garden boots400
Bath hat800
Felt belt600
Slippers (elastic band)2100

PRICE for wool knitted products since 14.09.2020.

Product name

Price, rub.

Sheep children's mittens 300
Adult dog mittens700
Adult sheep's mittens 350
Adult socks 200
Socks adult dog700
Adult angora socks 350
Sheep children's socks 300
Socks baby dog 350
Sheep belt 400
Vest adult sheep 1300
Sheep sweater 2000
Budenovka 350
Sheep pantaloons 700
Knee pads, dog belt 700
Sheep leggings 1300
Children rubber boots 400
Rubber boots for adults 600
Garden galoshes 400
Half socks dog 800
Knee socks dog 700
Dog footprints700
Naked fur jacket "Pilot"14000
Fur sheepskin coat14000
Sleeveless jacket 7000
Felt sleeveless jacket2500
Faux fur mittens 400
Knitted booties 350
Children's burki 600
Gloves adult dog 700
Sheep children's vest 500
High fur boots are adults3150-3850
High boots for children 2450
Felt mittens 900

Address: 171162, Russia, Tver region, Vyshny Volochok, 37/26, str. Parigskai Komuna

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Cell.: 89105334186


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